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Here, you will find answers to your questions, information on power outages scheduled by the dis-tribution companies, complaint settlement, useful phone numbers for settling faults and provided payment methods.

0800 41 00 40
Fax: 0356 414 173

Telephone: 0749 225 412

We take care of all your energy related need.

Network Faults
If you found a problem related to your electricity distribution network, we provide the direct phone numbers of the responsible persons from each county. If you wish, Restart Energy can help you in this process, 24/7.
Payment Methods
We simplify for you the invoice payment process. With us, you have multiple payment methods, available online and offline, accessible and useful for each individual client. Find the method best for you, in each specific situation.
Power Outages
Here, you can find out when power outages are scheduled, according to the notifications from electricity distribution companies to be notified in advance.
At Restart Energy, we want to be there for you every step of the way and answer every question that you might have. If you cannot find your question, please contact us. We'll be glad to help.
Solving Complaints
Our goal is for you to have all solutions at hand. This page will guide you through the process of solving any complaints you may have. For any additional information, please contact us by phone or email.
This section covers any legal information on the supply of energy. This data is provided for review whenever needed.
Useful information
Stay updated with the latest posts from the Restartopedia blog: how to save electricity, useful tips and news on our activity and our plans for the future.
myWorld Partner
Restart Energy is a myWorld partner. If you have a myWorld Cashback card, you get back a per-centage from the cost of your monthly invoices. Get more information!
Useful documents
Here you can find all the documents you need in order to conclude a supply agreement for
energy. Agreement, application and statement templates. All you need, at hand in one place.

We take together every step.

TELVERDE: 0800 41 00 40
Fax: 0356 414 173
Tel: 0749 225 412