You save money and get exclusive benefits

Restart Energy- National Lyoness Partner

Restart Energy has become a national level commercial partner of the Lyoness network for energy supply since December 2015, and for gas supply, since February 2016.

What is Lyoness?

Lyoness was founded in 2003 and acts as a Shopping Community for consumers and customer loyalty programs for Lyoness commercial partners on 46 markets worldwide, in various fields, having approximately 1000 employees. Its over 4.5 million members receive exclusive shopping advantages – i.e. money back for each purchase and Shopping Points – while the commercial partners attract new loyal customers with these special advantages.

How restart energy clients benefit from this partnership?

Restart clients who are also Lyoness members will get money back from the cost of their gas in-voices and energy plans. These amounts will be periodically transferred into their current account. The process is simple and free of charge for all Lyoness members.

The Lyoness members who want more details about how they can benefit from the advantages and promotional prices of Restart can access our page from the Lyoness website  by using this link.. You can become a Lyoness member at any time. It’s completely free and you’ll get many benefits.

In order to be able to benefit from the advantages of the Lyoness partnership, you must sign an agreement for energy, gas or oil products directly with Restart Energy, and not through other collaborating partners. The Lyoness code will be filled in into the agreement conclusion application.