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Fill the car easily and quickly.

With the Restart Fuel Card you can refuel your car in any OMV ‐ PETROM fuel network throughout Europe.

About the service:


548 stations in the OMV ‐ PETROM Romania fuel network

and many more from abroad, waiting for you to use the Card as you wish. 


Car wash / maintenance services

as well as the products offered by gas stations, they are also available to you depending on what you want.

All you have to do is choose the type of card according to your needs:


  • Just fuel
  • All inclusive (any product)


  • Just fuel
  • All inclusive (any product)

Want to try Restart Fuel Card?

Nothing easier. Follow the 3 steps and take possession of your Restart card.

Step 1

Request the card by filling in the form, together with the following documents:

For Individual Customers:

  • Copy of ID card


For Legal Entity Clients:

  • Copy of Company Registration Certificate
  • Copy of the Company Administrator Identity Card

Step 2

Pay the amount of 60 RON required to issue your personalized card.

  • CUI RO41336246
  • RO20RNCB0249164022080001

Step 3

You receive the contract previously signed by us, together with the proforma invoice for issuing the card.

User manual Restart Fuel Card

Charging the card (in the payment details section fill in the card number or the Reservation number, depending on how you chose to opt in the order form)

  • Cash payment at Banca Transilvania (only if you have an account)
  • Online payment (PO) to Banca Transilvania in the account: IBAN RO20RNCB0249164022080001
  • Important: The card will be charged within 48 hours (working days) of payment.
  • You have access to all OMV – PETROM products and services
  • You have access to a complete package of services
  • You enjoy the quality and safety of OMV – PETROM products
  • You pay using the card in all 18,000 stations in 35 European countries.
  • You have access to an international network of truck stations.
  • You benefit from cost transparency
  • You streamline the supply process
  • Use the Restart Fuel Card payment system with confidence, which ensures the security of your data and transactions
  • You receive a detailed invoice and a transaction manager; Custom truck filling stations in Europe, adapted to the needs of your company
  • You enjoy the largest network of stations in Romania – 548 stations
  • Enjoy the best conditions in over 20 OMV EuroTruck stations in Central and Eastern Europe (ECC)
  • Access to 230 Golden Route stations in the ECC.
  • You benefit from Routex partnerships throughout Europe, 18,000 stations in 35 countries, of which 1,000 OMV Rotex-4-Trucks stations

The security standard of the Restart Fuel Card is provided by:

  • Electronic registration of each transaction.
  • PIN code: protection in case of card loss.
  • Individual purchase levels: Each card will be issued with a specific code for a specific group of products and services.
  • Validity: each card is issued with national or international access, depending on your preferences

Card Limitations: Daily, weekly and monthly limits cannot be exceeded. You can change these limits, for each card, on [email protected]

Try the
Restart Fuel Card now

Telverde: 0800 41 00 40