Wireless Meters

Intelligent Wireless Metering Technology

Restart App for
Android or IOS

Now, for the first time in Europe, through its own wireless meter reading technology, Restart Energy One provides its customers with the real time electricity consumption viewing service, on the restartenergy.ro or the mobile phone, by downloading the Restart App for Android or IOS.
The patented Restart smart meters, installed in the general distribution board, without any changes to the existing meter, belonging to the distribution operator, send data on the consumption and quality of the electricity, in real time, to the Restart server. You can see this data in real time, on the server or on the phone/tablet. Thus, you’ll know at any moment your energy consumption and cost, as well as the active consumers. This is a great tool to increase the efficiency of your consumption.

Client Notifications

Also, through the monitoring and recording feature related to the quality of the electricity supplied by the area distribution operator, namely voltage, voltage and power variations, frequency, frequency variations, harmonics, flickers, outages, etc.. our server will be able to automatically send notifications to the client, the distribution operator and A.N.R.E., whenever there are deviations from the Energy Quality Standard of Electrica, for which the Distribution Operator is responsible.

Consumption Charts
and Data

You also have access to various charts and data on the historical energy consumption and the consumption profile. You will know at any moment if the supplied energy was or was not compliant with the legal standard. Using the records kept on the Restart server, your client account gives fee access to it, you will be able to hold the distributor legally liable if the supplied energy is substandard and your appliances were affected by this.

The Restart Wireless Meters were developed by Restart Energy One over a period of 2 years of research. They were subject to laboratory safety trials and have CE conformity certificates. Due to the legal provisions in force, the Restart meters cannot be used for invoicing purposes, but only for estimating consumptions and costs. For invoicing purposes, Restart Energy One will use the official data received from the Area Operator of the Distribution Network.