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If you’re here at, it might be because you’re one of our current users and you have a monthly supply package with us… or it could be because you’re a contributor searching for information on the Restart Energy Democracy (RED) project.

As the fastest-growing private energy supplier in the European Union, the number one ranked independent supplier in the Romanian deregulated household gas market, and number two in the Romanian deregulated energy household market, Restart Energy has split up our online endeavours into two separate channels to ultimately make things more convenient for users.

Right now, you’re on our supply-side website that’s dedicated to Restart Energy clients who have a monthly supply package with us. Here, clients are able to access the platform and manage their accounts. At this domain, they can switch suppliers, reach our support team, and get data about their energy consumption through the Restart Energy portal.

What is Restart Energy Democracy (RED)?


Restart Energy is an independent electricity and gas supply company in the European Union currently exceeding 20 million USD in annual revenue. Excitingly, Restart Energy has developed the first energy retail franchise and we’re working to build a global decentralized electrical energy supply platform and ecosystem –  Restart Energy Democracy (RED).

Restart Energy is the fastest growing private energy and gas provider in the EU, operating in Romania. We offer innovative online customer-centric service that provides greater transparency for consumers. As of December 2017, Restart Energy has more than 3,000 SMEs and multinational companies signed-on for energy and gas packages, along with more than 27,000 household customers.

Restart Energy is also the first energy supplier in Europe to accept energy invoice payments in Bitcoin.

Using blockchain protocol to democratize a sector that is burdened by bureaucracy and transaction costs, we are building a global energy supply platform. Our system will free up capital, save consumers money, help local small producers earn more, and allow real peer-to-peer direct energy trading.

Another benefit of the RED ecosystem is that it does not require new infrastructure to be built and it does not require any changes to current legislation. As of right now, the RED platform is immediately applicable to more than 35 countries around the world where the energy market is deregulated. These areas make up approximately 44% fo the world’s total energy consumption.

By 2030, global energy demand is expected to nearly double. With finite resources, nations must innovate to generate power in a socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable manner while working to meet a looming deadline.

In response to this problem, the European Union member states and the United States have begun piloting reforms through energy market deregulation, allowing private companies to operate unbundled services in the power retail sector. Countries across Asia such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and Singapore have already opted for market deregulation in a bid to create sustainability while China and India are slated to follow in 2018.

With the RED Platform taking hold of this initiative, we envision a vibrant, sustainable world where affordable energy is created and consumed by anyone, anywhere. Our mission is to become the leading global energy supplier, innovating and democratizing the sector.

What is the MWAT token?

The MegaWatt (MWAT) token is at the core of RED’s functionality.

MWAT Tokens are ERC20 utility tokens that give access to the RED Platform Software and to the RED Franchise. Here are some key facts about the concept:

  • The RED Platform is a blockchain-based decentralized energy trading platform that makes it possible for energy consumers and producers to send and receive energy worldwide.
  • Access to the RED platform will be granted with MWAT tokens.
  • The tokenized energy traded on the RED Platform can be physically delivered at local rates in countries with deregulated energy markets where Restart Energy will be present directly or through our franchises.
  • The RED Franchise is the first power retail franchise that makes it simple and easy to start and operate your own power utility company.
  • MWAT tokens are the first tokens backed by real opportunity. Each MWAT gives access to trade up to 1 MWh of energy per month on the RED Platform Software.
  • Restart Energy will allocate an initial charge of 0.11 KW Tokens per MWAT token. The MWAT token is similar to a “virtual energy battery”.

How can I get involved?

If you would like to purchase MWAT tokens, you can do so once they are listed on an exchange, as our MWAT sales have sold out in record time.

Token holders may trade tokens on exchanges, access the platform in order to consume or sell energy to other users, or obtain a Restart Energy franchise location.

If you’re interested in entering the energy sector, then Restart Energy’s franchise program is a unique opportunity to become personally involved in our mission to re-invent the way energy is bought, sold, and traded globally.

As we move forward, we will focus our efforts on growing our franchise network – this time on a global scale. Every franchise needs to own a certain number of MWAT tokens in order to operate. The RED Franchise (RED-F) is an exclusive business opportunity available to MWAT Token holders. It is an innovative, tested, and working idea that is already being used within the European Union. By allowing MWAT token holders to create and run their own energy retail business, we are merging decentralization blockchain technology with free market principles.

Restart Energy is already using the Franchise model proposed in our whitepaper. In fact, a big part of the company’s success to date has been based on our ability to successfully develop a multi-channel sales strategy, by quickly identifying market opportunities and leveraging local resources (such as micro-entrepreneurs). The success of a franchise owner is our success as well.

We look forward to adding on franchises and consumers around the world, as RED moves forward to become the future of the energy market.

to join us?

Within a week of launching our Pre-Sale, we reached 87.5% of our cap of 30 million USD. After a 24 hour pause due to the technical aspects of our decision to allow everyone to buy MWAT without a minimum contribution amount, we sold every single MWAT token left, as the Main Sale started and concluded 10 seconds later.

Restart Energy already has a proven track record within the European Union and we look forward to expanding our reach into Asia, North America, and beyond.

Restart Energy isn’t just a good idea, it’s history in the making. Following the official launch, the RED platform will be immediately capable of entering into deregulated energy markets around the world and begin servicing households and SME consumer segments in those markets. The innovative approach behind RED is what makes it so powerful, as more nations move towards a sustainable energy marketplace.

RED not only encompasses the world’s growing need to be green and renewable, but using the blockchain structure, it will reduce administrative costs, reduce transaction costs, and increase consumers’ freedom of choice.

Want to learn more about Restart Energy and how we’re innovating in the energy marketplace? Check out our blog.

Where do I go?

Here are some quick links to point you in the right direction:

  • If you’re looking for our MWAT token sale, head over here.
  • If you want to learn more about RED, check out our blog here.
  • If you’re an interested contributor, you can view our whitepaper here.
  • If you are a user who has a supply package with us and you’re trying to contact our support staff, click here.
  • If you are a user who has a supply package with us and you’re trying to login to the Restart Energy portal, click here.


You can contact us at: [email protected] .