Who are we?

Restart Energy ONE

As part of the Armand Group, on the renewable energy market since 2009, Restart Energy is a company determined to bring a substantial change in the Romanian electricity and natural gas supply.


Vision and principles

We believe that the decision to make our lives better is in our own hands. Both for us and for those around us. For this, we have built a company that provides all Romanians with transparent access to green energy. Our goal is to help people get rid of useless bureaucracy, old-fashioned and difficult methods to measure and report energy consumption and allow them to pay less for this. We started up our company because we were dissatisfied with the way we were treated by energy suppliers, with invoices impossible to understand and difficulty in estimating the cost at the end of the month So we founded a company that provides exactly that: cheap and green energy, wireless meter reading, option for real time consumption display on your phone and zero bureaucracy.



Our goal is for a growing number of Romanians to see the benefits of a service for and about the client. Our mission is to improve daily the quality of the services provided, in order to evolve towards a better, and more certain future. In order to achieve this, we are permanently seeking the most cost-effective solutions on the market and aiming at making them available to our clients. We base our decisions on the voice of our clients. We are working towards a transparent community, satisfied with the care and services we provide. We are open to dialogue and prompt in solving problems. We believe in protecting the environment and in the power each and every one of us has to contribute. We provide our clients with unique ways to improve our future.