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Location: Timișoara, Bucharest, Cluj

The main responsibilities are:

  • providing support to the national network of franchise partners
  • managing the relation with the partner network
  • communicating daily with the partner network
  • providing the necessary logistics in the relation with the partners
  • providing an optimal level of training to the franchise partners
  • collecting, interpreting and processing the data from partners and agents and drafting daily and monthly informative reports, for the upper management
  • identifying and training new franchise partners
  • expanding the national partner network
  • drafting and implementing the communication strategy together with the partners
  • organizing monthly conferences with the partners
  • making sure that the department sales targets are achieved
  • ensuring the highest level of quality for the company’s services, in the relation with the partners and for the clients



  • fixed motivating salary
  • performance bonus
  • car + laptop + phone
  • the opportunity to work and learn within a team of professionals, in a dynamic and exclusive industry (energy and gas supply)

Locație: Timișoara, Bucharest

Your skills can make our sales team complete. We’re looking for a colleague to fill in the position of Fuel Card SALES AGENT. If you’re convincing, motivated and tenacious and you enjoy working with people, you’re welcome to join us.

Job Description

  • market prospecting, for identifying new clients;
  • contracting, managing and developing the client portfolio for the assigned area;
  • presenting the benefits of the additional product: fuel card;
  • updating the client database;
  • drafting reports on the sales activity;
  • promoting the company’s image and services;
  • maintaining a close professional relation with the clients in their portfolio.

# Fuel cards: additional trade product, through which the Restart clients will have better prices for fuel and services from partner gas stations.
What We Offer:

Working time arrangements: part or full time, depending on your availability.

Training and specialised courses, starting from day one.

If you prove your skills and have very good results, you can advance to new benefits;

Fixed salary and motivating commission, depending on your results.


Apply if you have:

  • High school or higher education diploma;
  • A communicative and ambitious personality;
  • Excellent networking skills
  • Client oriented personality, Driving license cat. B;
  • Ability to manage unpredicted situations;
  • Willingness to overcome personal limitations;
  • Good negotiation skills


We’re waiting for you to become part of a fast-growing industry: oil products supply.

Locație: Timișoara, Bucharest

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate has at least 2 years of experience in direct sales (not a required criterion), D2D, B2B, distribution, telemarketing, telesales, is oriented towards this field, has negotiation skills, is dynamic, communicative, honest, presentable, has a pleasant voice, is punctual, serious, optimistic.


Job Description

  • Concluding agreements and being responsible for the correct conclusion of agreements and com-pliance with work procedures;
  • Keeping in touch and providing support to the clients in their portfolio;
  • Constantly attempting to attract more clients;
  • Aiming at achieving the determined monthly, quarterly and annual sales target;
  • Determining and developing a professional relationship with the company’s clients;
  • Drafting periodical briefings (reports, statistics);
  • Providing technical and commercial support to clients and prospects;
  • Actively participating in internal and collective meetings, together with the direct manager


What We Offer:

  • Working time arrangements: part or full time, depending on your availability and needs;
  • Training and specialised courses, starting from day one.
  • Depending on your skills, performance and personality, you have the possibility of being promoted;
  • Fixed salary and motivating commission, depending on your results.



  • You have graduated from high school – minimal requirement;
  • You want an attractive career in sales;
  • You are enthusiastic about challenges coming from clients and you have proven this in your previous professional experience;
  • Self-control, emotional stability and behaviour adaptability are your strong points;
  • We also welcome retired persons who wish to obtain additional incomes and get involved in a dy-namic activity!
  • You have minimum knowledge of MS Office: Word, Excel;
  • You like to combine office and field work.


Then come and join our team of professionals – Restart Energy Door to Door!

Ideal Candidate


The ideal candidate is a serious and motivated person, with experience in selling oil products.

Having a client portfolio in the field of oil products is an advantage.

Job Description

  • Drafting and submitting the sales plan for the company management’s approval, accompanied by a dynamic policy for increasing the sales volume.
  • Aiming the achievement of the sales plan.
    Determining clear goals for guiding and organizing the sales activity within the company.
  • Weekly analysis and decision making on the orders submitted by clients for products/services.
  • Engaging in the development of strategies and the organization of advertising campaigns for new products/services.
  • Contracting new clients and providing them with actual collaboration proposals.
  • Tracking cashing client debts according to contract due dates.
  • Coordinating, guiding and controlling the organization and performance of the sales agents’ activity, in order to ensure the efficient use of the business hours.
  • Constantly monitoring the competition’s activity.
  • Tracking the collection of trading information of interest for the company and drafting informative reports to the General Manager.
  • Maintaining a constant connection with the sales agents from points of sale, requesting data about scheduled activities, pending activities, new situations, etc.
  • Drafting and submitting to the General Manager reports with proposals and surveys on the use of the most effective methods to improve the sales program and promote new products/services, based on market requirements.
  • Proposing and implementing cost reduction methods.
  • Participating in the recruitment, training and development of the sales team, in cooperation with the Human Resources Department.
  • Identifying the reports’ training needs and providing continuous staff training.

Location: Timișoara

We are looking for people who are bold, communicative and willing to promote Restart Energy to the public.



  • Promoting the name, image and services of the energy and gas supplier;
  • Initiating, maintaining and developing the relationship with the clients;
  • Periodically calling clients and prospects according to a predetermined schedule and frequency;
  • Providing feedback and proposals for improving the sales strategy;
  • Sending daily reports to the manager.



  • Training from day one on products and services and specialized sales classes
  • State-of-the-art work tools
  • Fixed salary pack + performance commission
  • We help you become a top sales agent, experienced in telesales



You are what we’re looking for if:

  • You have high school or higher education diploma
  • Sales experience
  • Telephone communication skills (pleasant voice, courage)
  • Experience in selling energy and gas services is a plus


Join Restart to capitalize on your skills!

Location: Timișoara

Are you a determined person? Do you want to achieve more? Would you like to be part of a de-partment that helps you evolve? Then join our colleagues from the Restart Energy customer service.


We would like you to be:

  • Communicative;
  • Persuasive and eager to talk to people;
  • Good team worker;
  • Have average PC operating skills.




  • Taking phone calls and contacting clients
  • Recording the necessary information into the database
  • Providing technical support
  • Following up and proposing new methods for solving notifications/complaints/reclamaţiilor
  • Maintaining a good relationship with energy and gas consumers
  • Achieving your daily target


What We Provide:

  • Fixed salary and bonuses for above average activity
  • Training and development from the first day within the company
  • Multiple promotion possibilities
  • Pleasant atmosphere

Location: Timișoara, Bucharest

Ideal Candidate

  • Experience in the commercial supply of natural gas on the competitive market.
  • Serious, responsible, with management and marketing skills.
  • Market analysis skills, developing and implementing the commercial strategy for supplying gas to household and non-household consumers.


Job Description

  • Drafting the annual, biannual, quarterly and monthly natural gas sales program;
  • Following up on the performance of the contractual provisions on time, contacting clients and sending the required information about the development of agreements;
  • Negotiating pre-contractual clauses, within the limits of his/her duties approved by the Director;
  • Concluding sales and purchase agreements, indicating as a mandatory requirement the mutual rights and liabilities of the supplier and of the end consumer, according to the Ord. 42 /2012 – ANRE;
  • Delivering the contracted products to the clients, based on the invoice and the documents certifying the quality and the warranty;
  • Following the cashing of issued invoiced amounts;
  • Keeping track of the agreement development;
  • Intervening from a commercial and legal point of view when there is an improper development of sales agreements, in order to settle the disputes occurring during their performance;
  • Calculating penalties for bad payers, according to the contractual provisions;
  • Drafting and submitting statistic reports specific to their activity;
  • Drafting, implementing and keeping the department’s documents on the quality management system;
  • Recording and archiving the department’s documents, according to the legislation in force;

Location: Timișoara, Bucharest

How you should be::

An expert with a passion for marketing, experienced in selling oil products Motivated, tenacious and with proven leadership skills.

Familiar with market prospecting, drafting and implementing oil product sales strategies to the target audience..


Job Description:

  • Creating the annual, biannual, quarterly and monthly oil products sales program;
  • Following up on the performance of the contractual provisions on time, contacting clients and sending the required information about the development of agreements;
  • Negotiating pre-contractual clauses, within the limits of his/her duties approved by the Director;
  • Finding new clients and managing the existing portfolio;
  • Selecting prospects from the assigned area and scheduling meetings with decision-makers.
  • Assessing, clarifying and validating the clients’ needs, designing client-tailored quotes.
  • Maintaining a relationship based on trust with the contact persons assigned by the clients.
  • Monitoring local competition;
  • Following the cashing of issued invoiced amounts;
  • Drafting and submitting statistic reports specific to their activity;
  • Recording and archiving the department’s documents, according to the legislation in force;



  • Previous sales experience is a plus;
  • At least 3 years in a sales management position
  • Good knowledge and understanding of key account sales within the immediate consumption channel
  • Operational commercial know-how;
  • B2B sales and specifics of the future consumption channel;
  • Understanding of financial instruments, concepts and decision impact
  • PC operating skills: Word, Excel – advanced level;
  • English language skills – intermediate level;
  • Holder of driving licence cat. B
  • Excellent sales skills (negotiation, persuasive communication, perseverance);
  • Logical analysis skills of situations and information;
  • Availability for frequent travels.


Restart Energy Offers:

  • Motivating salary pack;
  • Bonus system;
  • Company car, mobile phone;
  • Professional development opportunities, training programs;