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Energy trading

The Restart Energy trading team acts for the benefit of its clients, obtaining them financial advantages, by winning trading methods.

In order to support industrial clients, Restart Energy provides brokerage services on the energy market for the purpose of optimizing the purchase price. Through the companies within our group holding supply and trading licenses in the neighbouring countries, we are able to create customized solutions for reducing the costs of large consumers, aiming at compensating price fluctuations in Romania.
Worldwide, energy procurement has become a rare source. Safe and affordable energy supply has crossed the national borders. The decreasing European resources and the thirst for energy of the nations going through an industrialization process from Southeast Asia make the issue even more complex.
Today, basically no country can cover all its energy requirements from its own sources. Along with the long term agreements with energy exporters and investments in the development regions, the importance of cross-border energy has increased significantly. And not only as a “procurement source” but also as an opportunity to protect us against risks, caused, for instance, by the pro-curement deficit or price fluctuations.
Together, the demand and supply are the market’s determining factors. This means that market prices ensure an effective use of the limited resources or that the prices with the most urgent need for a commodity, pays the highest price (resource assignment).

Basically, any type of energy or energy resources with sufficient demand and supply can be traded. These are mainly electricity, CO2 shares, gas, coal and oil. These so-called “commodities” are physically traded, meaning that, for instance the actual existing quantity of electricity or gas is pur-chased, delivered at an agreed date and time and then invoiced. We make a distinction between the spot market, where they are purchased one day and sold the next day, week or month, and the forward market, with long term products. These assign a physical delivery, for instance electricity or gas, to a future date.
Futures are another product. They indicate daily, according to the close markets, what the market price for electricity will be at a certain date in the future, for instance next year or the year after that. The difference in the purchase price is paid in cash on the delivery date for the futures. Then, this shows if the “bet” paid off.

The Restart Energy trading team

acts for the benefit of its clients, obtaining them financial advantages, by winning trading methods.

This added value can also be obtained through the vast legislative and operational expertise on then energy market and through a well-documented trading strategy based on market realities.

Restart Energy, as a member of the Armand Group, is present in Romania and Serbia, being active either as a licensed energy supplier, a participant to the bilateral energy market or both.

At the moment, following the expansion at a European level, Restart Energy is undergoing the pro-cess of obtaining trading licenses for the following European markets: Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Bul-garia, Hungary, Turkey and Greece.


For additional information, please contact our trading department representative:
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