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100% GREEN

We often believe that it takes an immense effort to do the right thing for the world around us. We believe that great results require great efforts. But what if we told you that every day, you could make the world a better place, at least a little bit, without any extra effort?

At Restart Energy

we believe that the planet is very important for our future. Also, we understood that alone, we can’t provide a sustainable future for all Romanians. So we did what we know best: we provided those who want a sustainable future with a very special energy plan. This is based 100% on renewable energy.

So, by just deciding to switch your energy supplier, each time you turn on the lights, open your fridge or turn on a household appliance, you’ll be able to enjoy it, knowing that you’re not contributing to the decline of our planet.

Choose the 100% renewable energy plan.

Here is a list of great people and special companies that chose this plan:

  • Com. General Berthelot
  • Com. Lapusnicu Mare

CO2 saved

Restart Energy includes 57% renewable energy in every electricity plan and gives you the chance to easily switch to 100% green energy.

With our clients’ help we have saved:

Tonnes of CO2

Green Energy Supplied

We have supplied to our clients until now the following quantity of Green Energy, and counting!


We are in permanent search of new ways to reduce CO2,by producing renewable energy. These are some of the locations where the Green Energy supplied by us is produced!

Hațeg County, Lotus Park

Solar Energy

Black Valley, Maramureș

Hydroelectric Energy

For household and business consumers willing to be part of the change that’s so necessary to our planet, we prepared special energy plans, with 100% green energy. The energy provided through these plans comes 100% from renewable, sustainable and environmentally friendly sources.

Fill in the attached form, and the Restart specialists will contact you with a quote. Being environ-mentally aware is now easier, quicker, and closer to you, through Restart Energy.

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