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Have you ever wondered what all those figures on your electricity invoice are? In fact, were you ever curious enough to look more carefully at the invoice? Maybe it’s time for you to get a better understanding of what you’re paying for each month.

Few Romanians know that now, you have the freedom to switch your electricity supplier, FREE OF CHARGE. This means that if you’re not satisfied with your current supplier or wish to get better price quotes, you can do this just by pressing a button.

The liberalization of the energy market means that everyone (companies and natural persons) gets to choose where to buy electricity from. If, before, you had to stick to your supplier, now you can choose what’s best for you.

  1. Get a more competitive price;
  2. You can choose what type of energy you want to consume (you can choose a supplier that mostly provides energy from renewable sources);
  3. You get a more modern infrastructure;
  4. You get rid of bureaucracy – we have everything online;
  5. You get real support (customer care)

Switching the supplier is free of charge for the client. The new supplier will take care of all the steps required for the switch.

You get all the aforementioned benefits and, moreover, you can receive a wireless meter allowing you to see and control your energy consumption very easy Your invoice will no longer surprise you at the end of the month, because you’ll know how much you consume at any given moment.

Also, we try to provide as much energy as possible from renewable sources; by choosing a 100% green plan you help protect the environment, for us and the future generations.

It’s very simple. All we need is your contact details and we’ll do everything for you. Contact us here.

The option for each and every one of us to choose the electricity supplier came as a consequence as Romania’s accession to the EU and the signed agreements. Since 2015, you can choose a supplier for your home or business.

What is very important to know about switching energy suppliers is that energy market liberalization brought about increases in the prices provided by suppliers so far. Before the energy market liberalization, a part of the energy cost was covered from public funds, but this will cease gradually, and the final price will be determined by how competitive each supplier is.

In order to see if you can get a better price for your energy invoice, it would be wise to ask for quotes from the new energy suppliers appearing following the legislative changes. No matter of your choice, pay attention to other criteria except the price. Because, in the end, your communication with the energy supplier must be almost as important.

By 2018, all electricity consumers must leave the regulated energy market and negotiate an agreement with one of the suppliers on the free market. This is why it is recommended that you prepare early and ask for a quote.

You can choose to switch suppliers at any time, because you will not face any interruptions in the supply of electricity and usually most of the bureaucracy is taken over by the supplier (at Restart Energy we let you to do this in just 5 minutes). You will only feel the difference in your invoice, where, if you make an intelligent decision, you will pay less and control easier your consumption.

  1. You must first get a quote.
  2. If you are satisfied with it, you have to provide your contact details to your new supplier for drafting an agreement to be signed by both parties.
  3. Within 21 days from the signing of the agreement, the supplier switch will be effective.
  1. Producer: The party generating the electricity. This can be done through several methods, from hydroelectric power plants, to nuclear reactors.
  2. Distributor: The party that takes the energy from the producer and carries it to peoples’ homes. It is responsible for the infrastructure and grid.
  3. Supplier: Supplies the energy to the end consumer, collects the money and distributes it to the producer and distributor.
  4. ANRE – The Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority: Has the role of protecting and informing the consumer and making sure that the producer, distributor and supplier comply with their undertaken liabilities.

For more details on what it means to change the electricity supplier and generally the electricity consumption, see also Restartopedia.