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Energy and gas supply at a fair price, transparently

Our goal is to provide Romanians with a convenient solution for electricity and natural gas supply services, both for household consumers and for companies. The liberalization of the Romanian market for energy and gas now allows everyone to choose freely the company that provides these services. The Restart Energy quotes are available countrywide. The energy and gas are the same, but you’re different. Why pay more when you can enjoy flexibility at a lower price?

Electricity Supply
You can choose to switch just your energy supplier. If you want a cheap electricity supplier, this is the right place for you. Furthermore, you’ll be able to benefit from the wireless smart meter, which will allow you to see your energy consumption in real time and to reduce the energy consumption in your home or your company offices. Get a quote and see for yourself!
Natural Gas Supply
If you want just a lower gas price, Restart Energy provides the option of switching only your natural gas supplier. Choose a cheap supplier! Our gas prices are competitive and they will stay that way, so you can enjoy the best contractual terms. Ask for a quote and in less than 5 minutes you'll find out how much you can save.

Restart Energy Oil Products
Along with the energy and natural gas supply services, we also provide oil products supply services. Thus, you can benefit from better prices for fuel, services and our constant cooperation for a smooth process! Find out more about the Restart Energy card and all provided services.

Green energy supply
Do you believe in protecting the environment? Are you convinced that you can make a difference? We're on the same page! We wish to leave behind a better world than the one we received and for this we have a permanently available quote for 100% renewable energy sources. It may sound ex-pensive, but it's not! Get a quote right now, don't hesitate any longer!
Save X2 Energy and gas supply
Without any doubt, this is the option we recommend to all those who want to save twice. Enjoy lower prices and higher savings with a simple decision: choose a cheap supplier! Switch your energy and gas suppliers with one choice! You can receive our customized quote for you in less than 5 minutes with our app. Try it out!
Trading energy
We want our services to perfectly fit each individual client. This is why we provide our industrial clients with brokerage services on the electricity market, so that they can obtain a much more prof-itable purchase price. Our team will guide you towards the best result, so you can benefit from ideal conditions for your business.
Restart Franchise
For natural persons and legal entities looking for their own business in the field of electricity and natural gas supply.
If you want to Restart your career, Restart Energy now provides 41 territorial franchises, one in each county, so that you can develop a successful business, with zero risks and our constant support.
Restart customer benefits:
Convenient payment
We're constantly looking for the best solutions for our clients. We're determined to give you a positive experience in working with us, this is why you can pay your energy and gas invoices by credit card or numerous other methods. Find the method that's best for you: payment methods.
Modern infrastructure
Restart Energy is more than a cheap energy and gas supplier. We make sure that you benefit from the best conditions. This is why we prepare everything in one place, in your client account. In an intuitive, clear and direct manner, here, you will have all the information you need, each month. No need for you to go anywhere.
24/7 client support
We know that everything that's new involves significant doubt and uncertainty. This is why we want to help you in this new process of switching your energy and gas suppliers. We can provide all the information you need by email or phone. For any problem you might face, anytime. We are at your disposal.
Wireless Metering
The supply of electricity now comes in a new format: smart metering. The meter remains the same, however, as an extra feature, with this system, you will be able to see in real time what you consume and the sources that consume energy. By increasing the efficiency of the devices that consume an excessive quantity of electricity, you really reduce the price of your invoice!
Zero bureaucracy
Do you think it’s time for Romania to also provide the option of online approach to all service con-tracting steps and invoice payment? With Restart Energy, you will save time! In 5 minutes you can receive our customized quote for you and it will take you just as much, each month, to pay your energy and gas invoices. See for yourself!
Competitive price
Are you looking for a cheap energy and gas supplier? With Restart Energy, you will pay less, for a better service. We will provide all the prices in Lei, adapted and designed to fit your needs. Whether you’re a household consumer or a legal person, now it’s easy to save money! We want you to see this for yourself. Calculate your customized quote.

One of the most positive experiences you will have as a Restart Energy client will be our client portal, with an intuitive chart-based design, structured information and constant updates. Here, you will find all data providing you control over your energy and gas consumption, payments and technical data:

  • Consumption period
  • Total consumption for the current month
  • Evolution of consumption compared to the previous month
  • Total unpaid invoices
  • Invoice payment with the credit card
  • Invoices issued
  • Billing data
  • Payments made
  • View real-time power consumption using the Wireless Meter