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Frequent Questions

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Few Romanians know that now, you have the freedom to switch your electricity supplier, FREE OF CHARGE. This means that if you’re not satisfied with your current supplier or wish to get better price quotes, you can do this just by pressing a button. Switching your supplier means no interruption in the service and no risks for the end consumer. You will benefit from lower-priced energy, provided at the same level of quality, while saving up to 20% from the cost of your invoices.

Switching the supplier is free of charge for the client. The new supplier will take care of all the steps required for the switch.

According to the law, this does not prevent you from switching your supplier. Still, the supplier you haven’t paid your debt to will be entitled to initiate legal proceedings in order to recover such out-standing amounts.

You will not have to deal with an interruption of electricity  due to switching your sup-plier. The energy supply installation will not be subject to any changes, so there’s no reason to suspend the supply.                

This switch takes 21 days from the time you notify your current supplier on your intention to switch suppliers. After submitting the standard notification to your current supplier, the new supplier will take care of all the necessary steps.

Your current supplier is not entitled to apply penalties for your decision to switch suppliers. On the contrary, you might get a better price or better conditions.

This will not affect you in any way through energy outages or legal proceedings. If the new supplier doesn’t stay long on the market, you’ll be taken over by a last resort supplier; afterwards, you’ll once again be able to choose your desired supplier.

Reactive energy is an additional energy type, used to generate and maintain magnetic fields and is consumed, along with active energy, by electrical coiled receivers. Reactive energy is injected into the consumers’ grid when active energy is extracted. According to the ANRE Order no. 33/2014 for the approval of the methodology for determining the payment obligations for reactive electricity and the regulated price for reactive electricity, its price is determined between the user and its grid op-erator.